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Grants Help Fund Project Pay it Forward

Student Body of America Association has received three grants to help fund Project Pay it Forward, a documentary film and PSA series to inspire the youth to realize their true potential to make the world a better place.

These generous contributions from the Change Happen Foundation, Office Depot Foundation and Enterprise Holdings Foundation will help fund production costs of Project Pay it Forward and encourage the youth to volunteer and participate in community service.

“We are very grateful for these gifts”, said Amy Mintz, President of Student Body of America Association, “with this grant money we will be able to move forward the Project Pay it Forward program and involve the youth in taking action to support good causes.”

Change Happens Foundation

Office Depot Foundation


Enterprise Holdings Foundation


Watch Project Pay it Forward trailer
Watch the preview


Project Pay It Forward is a documentary film featuring grassroots nonprofit organizations and individuals helping other people and uplifting their communities, illustrating with real stories the scientific evidence that proves paying it forward can and does work to change the world, and yourself.

Currently in production, thus far Student Body of America Association has filmed in the following locations:
• The Battery Conservancy’s Urban Farm at Battery Park in Manhattan,
• Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Fordham University,
• Stony Brook University’s Manhattan Campus,
• Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, and
• Casa Hogar Sion Orphanage in Mexico with the Corazón de Vida Foundation.

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Watch The Fallen American Dream trailer
Watch the trailer


The Fallen American Dream is a documentary on America’s challenges with college affordability and its declining job market during a time of national crisis and global change. We produced this film to increase the awareness and educate the public of the widespread difficulties facing students today, including the high cost of college education and lack of opportunities in the job market that have resulted in the $1 trillion student debt crisis.

The Many Faces of the Student Loan Crisis

Special to Philanthropy Journal

September 11, 2013–In late 2011, student loan debt reached a catastrophic $1 trillion in America and continued to rise, as did countless headlines broadcasting the latest depressing milestones and Congressional actions (or lack thereof). These articles never fail to grab attention with alarming statistics that announce the average debt amounts, number of delinquencies and percentage of Generation Y unemployed and living at home as they struggle to make student loan payments.

But beyond the copious amounts of data gathered by government and crunched by organizations, there has been a very personal approach to this topic, showing the human faces behind the statistics. Many student loan borrowers want to share their stories and publish personal narratives in online newspapers and blogs. Unlike the people who quietly left their homes during the foreclosure crisis, many people with student debt want to be heard. Of course, these are very different scenarios. People can walk away from their homes. They can’t walk away from student loans, though, not even in bankruptcy.

Student Body of America Association (SBAA), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, produced a documentary film about this country’s challenges with the high cost of college education and student loan debt that escalated to devastating heights after the recession ravaged the job market. Titled The Fallen American Dream, the documentary focuses on the perspective of student loan borrowers whose lives are so affected by this debt that the promise of the American Dream is called into question by a generation.

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